Optoelectronics Laboratory



Nanoparticle Synthesis: 4 fume hoods, microwave reactor, centrifuge

Thin Film Deposition: Interrconnected growth system including two N2 gloveboxes (O2 plasma cleaner, UV curing, thermal annealing oven, and spin coater), sputterer for metal oxides and metals (4 magnetrons with interchangable power supplies (2 RF, 1 DC), evaporator for organics and metals (8 sources, 2 power supplies)

Thin Film Characterization: AFM

Device Characterization: LED and solar cell characterization set-up, Streak camera, microscope, spectrometer, diode lasers, & electronics

Characterization Lab (May 2013)

Photo: Roland Tännler


Renovations Complete (May 2011)