Battery Microstructure Project – Open Source Microstructural Data

The microstructure of lithium ion battery (LIB) electrodes and separators can influence battery performance.  The LIB community has traditionally relied on a simplified picture of microstructure or computer generated microstructures due to a lack of available experimental microstructural data.

We launched the Battery Microstructure Project to provide 3D microstructural and electrochemical data on porous electrodes and separators.   The following microstructures are currently available.

1. NMC-based Porous Electrodes

This data archive is hosted by the ETH Zürich Library. Raw and processed data for 16 NMC-based electrodes, prepared with differing amounts of conductive additive and binder and under different compressions along with the corresponding electrochemical data for each electrode.   Detailed explanations on how the data was collected and on how to handle the data are found in: M. Ebner et al. Adv. Energy Mat. 2013

2. Polyethelyne (PE) Separator

This data archive is hosted by the ETH Zürich Library. A binarized image stack with 10 x 10 x 10 nm voxel resolution from a 12x7x5 µm3 volume for a Targray PE16A separator is provided. Detailed explanations on how the data was collected are found in M.F. Lagadec et al. JECS 2016.

Need other data?

Data on LCO cathodes, graphite, and graphite-silicon composite anodes as well as on PP separators will be coming in the next months. Groups interested in advanced access should contact Prof. Wood.