Bruggeman Estimator

BruggemanEstimator – Open Source Code for Estimating the Tortuosity Estimation of Lithium Ion Battery Porous Electrodes from SEM images

We present an open source software application "BruggemanEstimator" that allows a user to estimate the tortuosity of a porous electrode. BruggemanEstimator determines the Bruggeman exponent based on the Differential Effective Medium approximation and as input requires only two microscope images: one of the top and one of a cross section through an electrode. These images, which can be easily acquired with a scanning electron or optical microscope, are used to extract a sampling of active particle shapes as well as the orientation of the particles within the electrode. We provide a Mathematica notebook that contains both the program and the source code for downloaded here. A detailed discussion of the methodology and validation of the program can be found in: M. Ebner and V. Wood, J. Electrochem. Soc. 2014.



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09.12.2014    v1.0    stable